Winter walk with my dogs… How a busy Wedding Photographer likes to unwind and keep fit!

March 5th, 2013

  • Sepia tone photo of dog in the forest
  • Gorgeous photo of red collie
  • Pet photography by Lisa Burrett
  • Mum and daughter border coliie dogs photographed by Lisa Burrett
  • London photographers Lisa Burrett photographing on her day off
  • Two dogs taking a rest on a crisp Winter's day

My clients often ask me what I do to relax or enjoy myself…. Also they ask what kind of photos do I take for fun…. Well here goes! Lisa B the photographer reveals all! Firstly I never take my camera with me for fun and especially when I am on holiday! If I do take my camera I am likely never to put it down and then I will have to spend days editing all the photos I have taken and then I wont have time to edit your beautiful photos…. Also I would have to bring my whole kit as I would be kicking myself if I needed something that I hadn’t bought, all my lenses and a back up camera… just in case!!!

But today was different. The first sunny warm day in UK for a long time and I couldn’t resist a walk in the forest with my puppy and mummy dog. (No photos intended!) But the light was so gorgeous and I kept seeing beautiful shots so… out came my Samsung Android Phone and I took a few snaps.

Here are my snaps taken with my phone today on my walk…. I have no idea what the quality is going to look like on a big screen, but I wanted to test it and see. Who knows…. I could be shooting your wedding or Boudoir photoshoot using my phone! (Don’t worry, just joking! Although I am keen to know if anyone has done this!)

I love walking my dogs in beautiful settings, I just can’t help setting up photos in my head, maybe that’s a bit annoying actually, I am still not switching off!   I think any photographer who is as passionate about his/her work as I am constantly frames up everything that passes by in daily life, constantly seeking out interesting angles and backgrounds… scanning faces and imagining how they would look in front of my lens. Studying the different effects of light on a multitude of surfaces and looking for reflections and movement….

Oooh, that was a bit deep for me! It was just such a beautiful day and nature was all around, it made me appreciate what a beautiful world we live in and we should look after and cherish it… and photograph it, even if it’s only with our phone. Better than no photo at all…

Awwww, I just love my dogs!!!

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