Vintage Pre Wedding photo shoot at Castle Ashby

August 2nd, 2012

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  • Vintage photo of wedding couple at Castle Ashby
  • Wedding couple at Castle Ashby
  • Wedding photo at Castle Ashby by Lisa Burrett
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  • Wedding vintage style photograph
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  • sepia pre wedding photo
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Castle Ashby has to be one of the most photogenic places I have had the pleasure to photograph in England. The unpretentious gardens are so beautiful and tranquil. There are no crowds of visitors making my couple feel uncomfortable and embarrassed (except for hoards of sheep trying to get into the frame, cheeky!)

Castle Ashby is so special to me. As a child I remember spending many a weekend there during the Summer, swimming in the lakes, swinging off of the rope swing and making dens under the huge weeping beech tree which is still there… ahhhh, those were the days! So many happy memories.

I love to take pre-wedding photos, an absolute bonus being able to take them in my original home town of Northampton. Castle Ashby is only a five-minute drive from my house, but lovely couple Denise and Bart had to travel 6,000 miles from Hong Kong to enjoy the beautiful gardens and surroundings of Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire.

With the kind permission of the head gardener and Earl Compton we were allowed to photograph in the gardens of the beautiful Castle Ashby. There are so many different angles to shoot from and unique buildings such as the romantic Orangery and beautiful secret gardens and archways galore. (I love archways!) It is a true feast for my camera. I could spend the whole week there and get different shots all day long.

A sharp contrast to the immaculately groomed gardens is the Spring Walk and the Arboretum (collection of trees) This area is natural and wild, it’s just stunning. I love shooting amongst nature. There is a beautiful Terracotta bridge with stunning views of the lakes. (I love bridges too!)

We finished off the shoot with a surprise flock of sheep following my car on the way out, I just couldn’t resist to pull over and take photos of Denise and Bart as the sheep came closer and closer (obviously to be in the photos) It was just the perfect ending to a perfect photo shoot, the sheep just posed so naturally. (almost as well as my couple) You can’t anticipate or plan a shot like that, I always keep a look out for something unusual or quirky during my photo shoots for something that I can use to my advantage and make my photos unique and create fun and lasting memories for my clients. I always make sure my photo shoots are fun and full of life.

I wasn’t planning on these photos to be vintage, but Tatler magazine asked me if they could feature a recent vintage style shoot I had done, since this was recent and the mood fit perfectly for the vintage look filters I had in mind they worked well. Although I must admit I do prefer them in natural colours…I do prefer my photos to look real, nothing like a beautiful natural skin tone -  and although vintage is in right now it wont be long before it wont be fashionable any more and those that have asked for vintage photos will be looking at them and cringing! Good job I keep all the original files safely backed up for those later requests! I will post the originals of this photo shoot later so you can compare.

Thank you Bart and Denise, you were a truly fabulous couple to photograph and I had so much fun with you both. Thank you for coming all the way to Northampton for your pre- wedding photoshoot! See you in Hong Kong at the end of this month.

Lisa x


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