The Falcon at Castle Ashby, Ruth and Matt

April 11th, 2012

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Ruth and Matt only required a couple of hours  photographic coverage for their wedding. I met Matt and his friends and family at St Peter’s Church in Cogenhoe in Northampton.   I wasn’t allowed to photograph any of the ceremony, which is a photographer’s worse nightmare!  Especially as I had only been booked for the ceremonial part!  So I really had to make the most of what I was allowed to photograph.  I managed to sneak a few of Ruth and her dad walking in and another of them at the altar.  I was allowed to photograph the couple at the signing of the register and I asked them to kiss. So I did have at least one of them kissing in the church! I did take a couple of them as they were about to walk out.  Then I ran to the front of the church to capture them as they came out. It was pretty stressful since I knew I only had a few moments to capture the shots.

It’s very important the bride and groom get to know in advance what photographs are  permitted by the official or priest in charge of the service.  Each denomination and county has it’s own rules on what is allowed to be photographed.  Always make sure the photographer is aware of what is allowed ..

I do always try to ask before the ceremony, but to avoid disappointment it’s always good to ask first. I don’t want a couple to wonder where I have disappeared to if I’m not even allowed in the church, believe me it has happened a couple of times! One couple had flown me from Hong Kong all the way to UK for their wedding and the priest was adamant that I wasn’t even allowed in the church with a camera, I think I was more upset than the couple though! I was trying to sneak photos through the windows and glass in the doors., even through the keyhole. Anyway, enough about that, just something that as a photographer  it is very frustrating when wanting to capture the perfect day.

I love Ruth’s natural look, she hardly had any make up on, it was such a breath of fresh air, I see so many brides done up to the nines with layers and layers of make-up.  When I see them a few months later I can’t even recognise them! When a make-up artist tells you it looks better in the photos for the make-up to be plastered on, please don’t believe them!  It doesn’t!!! I like to be able to see the natural texture of the skin. Also make-up trends to date pretty quickly, so the less you have on the less likely you will look at your wedding photos ten years later and cringe at the bright pink lipstick you were proudly wearing!

Ruth and Matt’s decoration was quite simple and lovely. I loved the tree decorations they hung around the garden at The Falcon in Castle Ashby.


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