Stunning French Vintage inspired Boudoir – Part 2

April 13th, 2011

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To be honest asking if any of my Boudoir clients minded me posting them up onto my blog was not something I was really comfortable doing, even though I’m sure most of them would have been up for it, but maybe their partners wouldn’t have been too happy!! (If you are reading and you are up for it please let me know!!!) The girl in these photos is in fact a model, simply because I would not have to worry about using her photos in public. I do respect everyone’s privacy and would never post photos without permission especially something as personal and private as Boudoir or Glamour shots. The hair and make up was expertly done by Ivan Lee, I styled the whole shoot, the location was generously lent to us, it’s a show home! My model is Julianne B from Model Management

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  1. Beautiful pictures- you have really captured the essence of French Boudoir Photography

    • Lisa B says:

      Thank you Charlotte, always feel so flattered when receiving such nice comments from fellow photographers, or should I say mademoiselles!

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