Stunning French Vintage inspired Boudoir – Part 1

April 7th, 2011

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  • Boudoir-underwer-shots-by-Lisa-B-Weddings-Northamtpton
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I thought it was about time I put myself forward to officially shooting Boudoir photos! I have always been shooting these kind of images for clients for years but didn’t realise there was actually a name for them! Since I also shoot fashion and commercially  for big names such as Levi’s, Wacoal, Adidas, Esprit, Laurel… to name but a few, I think I kind of have a little bit of an advantage! Having been a professional underwear and fashion model for ten years also lends it advantage to knowing how one might feel scantily clothed in front of a lens! I know I can make anyone feel comfortable and relaxed in this situation. And I know how to direct someone and get the most out of the session. I also have lots of ideas for themes so they look more editorial and not just a pretty photo of a girl on a bed…  I spent my first 5 years as a fashion photographer working for magazines putting together fashion and editorial shoots, I love getting creative and producing a shoot that is really something special to look at.

I also might like to add that I really hate over retouching! I have seem some pretty awful examples of Boudoir photos where the women just look like plastic! And I cringe if I can notice something has been retouched. I rely on flattering lighting and lots of reflectors (if needed) to make the skin look beautiful and smooth, there should be no need for retouching apart from maybe slimming down legs or a little of the waist line! But with correct positioning and  and the correct lens every kind of body shape can look gorgeous… Having gone through most of my career and experience having to use film I have been well trained to rely on my photography and lighting skills rather than say “oh well, I can fix that in photoshop afterwards!” An amazing make-up artist and hairstylist is a must too…. there is no spot big enough that can’t be covered by concealer!

Above is a selection of a few Vintage Inspired Underwear shots, they have not been retouched in anyway whatsoever, apart from a filter added afterwards to enhance the vintage colour and another one to blur the edges a bit… there has been no retouching on the skin, eyes or body figure (not that she would have needed it!) I like to see a few imperfections, it reminds us that we are real human beings after all, the fashion and beauty industry has gone too far with it’s marketing leading young girls and women to strive for something that just isn’t possible…

Lisa B is available to shoot Boudoir photos in the comfort of your home, in her studio, home or on location. She covers Northamptonshire, London, Home Counties, Hong Kong and other destinations, no where is too far, just ask!

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  1. Fee & Nico says:

    Wow congratulations on the shoot these are so pretty and glamorous. Would love to feature these on our blog! X

    • Lisa B says:

      Yes please! I would love you to post them! Thanks! What shall I do? Email the photos over to you? I am just editing another batch of them, will post them up soon! Very excited you like them, thanks!!! Lisa x

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