Pre Wedding photos of Tracey & Andrew

March 31st, 2011

Tracey and Andrew were rather worried about having their photos taken on their wedding day which is coming up in May at Rushton Hall… so I suggested they came to my house in Northampton for a warm up session before their big day! They were very nervous about being camera shy, but as soon as the camera came out they were totally fine! In fact they were more than fine, very natural and no goofy faces or awkward poses, I hardly had to direct them, they were fantastic!! They were very comfortable with me snapping a way and I think we got some lovely photos. ┬áI adore to photograph a couple truly in love, it really shows in the photos. The camera never lies! Would love some comments please!!

here is a photo of a happy couple in my living room in Hortonhere is a pre wedding photo with daffodils in the background

The photos with the daffodils were actually taken in the grounds of The French Partridge Horton, which I believe will be opening soon and will be a fantastic wedding venue! It is right behind my house, so I’m hoping to get lots of weddings there as I will be very familiar with the surrounds, and might be able to pop back for a cup of tea!!

here is a photograph of a pre wedding couple hugginghere is a lovely photo of a couple in Horton

here is a photo of a engaged couple in my gardenphoto of engaged couple having fun in gardenblack and white candid photo of couple in gardenphoto of wedding couple in garden

I am really looking forward to their wedding at Rushton Hall, a really stunning location to shoot weddings at, even if the weather isn’t as stunning as it was today we will still get some amazing shots! Just don’t forget that white umbrella!!! I shall post a wedding I did at Rushton Hall recently so you can imagine yourselves there….. and maybe get some ideas of what pockets of the hotel you like! If anybody else wants to shoot in my house and the grounds of The French Partridge in Horton – ┬áNorthampton, let me know! I think it will be even more beautiful in the Summer…

4 Responses to “Pre Wedding photos of Tracey & Andrew”

  1. Tracey & Andy says:

    Hi Lisa – we love these pictures, and your comments are so lovely! The other wedding’s look amazing too, and thanks for putting some pictures of Rushton Hall on too. We are getting so excited, not long to go now. Thank you so much for doing the pre-wedding shoot, it really helped us get used to the camera, and I think we’ll be so much better on the day thanks to the practice!

    • Lisa B says:

      Dear Tracey & Andy, Aw! My first comment and such a gorgeous one too! Thank you… I’m really looking forward to your wedding as well, I have more photos on Rushton Hall to post, I will do it soon, I’ll keep you posted. Bye for now! See you soon, Lisa x

  2. Sarah G says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I have to agree that these photos look so relaxed, just one question, what’s the easiest way to book a shoot like this with you? Especially if we would want to count on the weather being this gorgeous…. How close to the day could we change it? And do you have to be getting married to get this treatment?
    You were our photographer for our wedding, and we didn’t get chance to organise a shoot like this as we planned our wedding in just 6 weeks! Thank goodness you were available on such short notice!

  3. Lisa B says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for checking out my blog! I am always up for a photoshoot and you don’t have to be getting married to receive this treatment! Just give me some dates you are available and I’ll fit you in. Regarding the weather I don’t mind to keep changing the date until we strike gold! As long as you don’t mind fitting in with my schedule as well.
    My prices are on my website, I can offer a 10% discount for couples who have already booked me or are going to book me! I can also offer a half day if you think a full day is too much, but you know me I can easily go on shooting for the whole day! Lisa x

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