I must admit I’m not very keen on the word “Portraiture” as the image which comes to mind is of very formal poses. Portraiture conjures up images of a man sitting stiffly in a chair with grim lighting. My “portraits” are far from this experience and look and are much more candid and relaxed.

As we all go about our busy days in a frenzy of activity, we often don’t stop to think about those who are most important to us and who shape our lives. Whether I take a shot of an individual or a group I want to capture the mood and expression of the moment and give you a permanent reminder.

I like my photos of people or animals to be lively, fun and expressive and set in a relaxed and cheerful environment. I love using natural light, as the subtle highlights and hues it gives can never be recreated with studio lighting. My studio can be used as well but these sessions tend to be more fashion orientated and are a different genre of photograph altogether.

If you look at all the different sections in my Portrait portfolio you will see that I am highly proficient in many different areas of photography. It is essentially a case of applying my cumulative experience and knowledge to photographing any kind of commission, be it babies, families, couples, kittens or even pet rats. I love photographing every kind of portrait and relish a new challenge; more recently it’s been pet portraiture. A litter of 6 puppies running around my natural window-light studio was one of my most recent encounters.

I am flexible about where to photograph my commissions, depending on my clients’ wishes and situation. I can come to your home, perhaps for family portraiture or meet you on a walk, by the seaside or wherever you choose. I have a multitude of ideas should you wish to have something unexpected or unusual. I love photographing in exotic and unpredictable locations and never like any of my images to look similar.

After every photo shoot you will get to keep all the images I have taken, minus the occasional mishaps such as people blinking. I do charge a little more than some studios but there are no additional “extras.” Ultimately you will be paying a lot less for an outstanding set of images. All pictures are royalty free and you can use them as you like, as long as they are not sold for profit. You will end up with hundreds of amazing photos with a distinct style taken by a photographer who has much experience from many countries. Look at my portfolios to see the shots I’ve taken for major worldwide campaigns such as Pampers, Levis, Esprit, Adidas and Vodafone. I have also been fortunate enough to take photos of high profile weddings I’m not even allowed to tell you about!

Other optional items are available such as leather bound albums and canvas prints, but you are welcome to create your own at any time or place since you will have a permanent copy of the DVD. I can even share with you the professional printing labs I use so you can be rest assured that the products you order will be of the same professional quality. I prefer and have always preferred to charge a fair price for my actual shooting and processing time and not capitalise from the fact that you will love your photos afterwards.