Portraiture FAQ

Portrait Photography

If you would like to send us an email at info@lisaburrett.co.uk or contact us through our contacts page on the website then we will happily share our availability and package details with you. If you could let us know the date of your wedding or when you would like to book, along with some basic details, such as location then this will help us give you a more accurate estimation for you.

Over ten years taking photographs internationally for Pampers has taught me a lot of patience and also a bag full of little tricks to help me position and photograph your baby in the most beautiful ways.

A photo session at home can be a lovely experience for all those involved and in some cases maybe the only option. I am willing to travel for all my photo shoots, there may be additional charges though if you live a distance from my studio or home.

They may well show in the photos, but the final ones you choose will be edited so they look perfect.

As long as it’s practical and the animal is safe to be next to the baby then I am absolutely fine to include family pets.

Babies respond very well to new things so we do have props available that will get their attention. Please feel free to bring a long something you think your baby will love, we will try all kind of methods to make your baby react well to the camera, it’s a joint effort between us. I do like to see what kind of reactions we can get without props and toys first though.

To be honest babies don’t cry all day unless they are not well. If your baby is feeling under the weather we will reschedule the session, there is no additional fee for this.

There is never a wrong time to have professional photographs of your baby! They do the cutest and most photogenic things from the moment they are born. A lot of my clients have a professional photo session with me once when the baby is new born (before one month old) and then around every mile stone, when your baby starts to smile, walk, one year old, and then every birthday.

I love sleeping photos of babies they look so quiet and peaceful they can easily be positioned into cute poses with their hands touching their chins etc. They will wake up at some point and I will make the most of that time as well.

Of course! Even siblings and grandparents or whoever you would like to be in the photographs. There is no additional charge for the addition of people or pets joining in the experience.

As many members that can fit in my studio our the location place of your choice! It can be quite overwhelming for a baby if there are too many people around though, but if your baby is used to having a lot of people around then it shouldn’t be a problem.

I am happy to photograph your pets with your baby as long as they are absolutely safe to be photographed next to. You may need to schedule in a longer time though since photographing a baby and an animal in one session and hoping they will be doing the right thing both at the same time takes time!

I love photographing on location, I love natural environments and the countryside. I like to make the most of what’s around us and I love photographing with natural light. It is essential that your baby is dressed accordingly though. A cold or hot baby is not a happy one! And please bring sun cream if it’s a sunny day.

Personally I prefer neutral colours for everybody wanting to be in the photos. It looks more professional and also won’t date as quickly as some prints, colours and logos. Loud and vivid logos and designs on T-shirts, jumpers, etc are very distracting, I prefer the focus is on your baby and family and not on the clothes you are wearing.

Yes, a professional hair and make up artist can be arranged. Generally speaking babies do not need any hair and make up! But those wishing to be photographed with them might like a bit of pampering before hand. This will also make the photos look more professional.

Absolutely, as long as it is photoshop possible then we can do it.

As long as you can schedule in a time that is agreeable to both you and I then there will not be an additional charge for the first cancelation.

If there is a specific day that you really would like then as much notice as possible, there are days when I am available at last minutes notice though, so please check if you would like to have a photo session at short notice. On the other hand I do get some bookings a year or more in advance since I also photograph weddings!

As long as we can reach a mutually convenient day then yes I am available for weekend photoshoots, I do also have two lovely young girls of my own though and I hope that I don’t have to spend every weekend working!

Yes, please bring whatever you feel will make your child feel more comfortable and happy with. However I prefer to reserve the toys until the last moment as sometimes (depending on the age) they can become totally obsessed with that toy and we may not be able to get anything out of them except shots of them looking and playing with the toy!

Please keep wardrobe as simple and neutral as possible if you want professional looking photos. Loud prints and designs can date very quickly as can bright colours. We will discuss in more detail about the choice in clothes and look before the photoshoot. But the least distracting the clothes are the more focus will be on the subjects in the photographs.

Yes, please bring some treats but only use them as a last resort and as instructed by me! Otherwise your child might become too treat orientated and we might not end up with any other photos except ones with mouth-fulls of chocolate and wrappers in their hands! On the subject of chocolate, if you do bring chocolate please make sure it is white chocolate as it’s much easier to photoshop off of a T shirt or face! It would be better if the treat is used as a special award (bribe!!!) to actually finish the photoshoot instead of every other shot.

I have been photographing children professionally for over 15 years now, including extensive and on going work for Pampers. I have lots of patience and little tricks up my sleeve to help them co operate and react in the way that I want for my photos. It is also a team effort and I’m sure we can get the best photographically out of your child together.

Providing it isn’t causing any danger to me or my team I will photograph any kind of pet.

Yes, however we may need more time to be able to wait for the right moment to be able to capture them behaving how we want them to. Also providing they all get a long.

As long as I am told before hand there are other ways than sticking a camera in front of it’s nose to take a beautiful photograph. Photographing the pet in it’s familiar surrounding and with a long lens is an option for example. A studio shoot may not be the best for a nervous pet, I may suggest the comfort of it’s own home or a favourite walk etc, for a more natural and lively kind of photo. Pets do take to me very quickly though and it usually isn’t long before they are engaged with me and I can’t get them a way from my camera!

Depending on what kind of pet you have, but please prepare your pet in the way you would like to see your pet photographed, If it’s a long hair cat or dog for example please get them washed and groomed, nails and fur trimmed as required, make sure your pet has been walked (if it’s a walking kind of pet!) and is tired but not too tired out to play or stand up. We will discuss your pet’s routine and behaviour before the photo-session, every pet is different and it’s good if I know as much about your pet as possible so I can prepare for the photo-session accordingly.

Yes but only to be given to your pet when directed to do so by me. I have a number of years experience with how best to get your pet to react with treats during the photo sessions. It’s important not to let the treats rule the photo-shoot unless that is the only option on how to make your pet behave! Otherwise there will be only one kind of treat orientated look on it’s face!

I am happy to photograph in all the above. My favourite I have to say is on location, I love natural light and your pets favourite environment, be it a forest walk, the beach or just your back garden. I can also photograph pets in my studio but the look is quite controlled, but it’s whatever you prefer and both can look great. We will discuss the kind of look that you want for your pet’s photo session. Everybody has different ideas and requirements and I’m happy to bounce ideas around with you until you are happy with what you would like.

I am more than happy for children and their owners to be photographed with their pets, providing your pets are familiar and safe to be around your children (and vice versa!!)

Depending on how much coverage and how many photos of your pets you would like and if there are additional family members and owners wanting to be photographed together, normally a pet photo-session can last between 2 to 4 hours. I have been known to spend the whole day. It also depends on your budget!

Patience, your help and my experience with animal training and also by cooperating with the animal rather than trying to force them into doing something they are not willing or wanting to do.

There is no best time to photograph a pet other than when it’s too late. I have many owners coming to me when their pet is really unwell and doesn’t have much longer to live wanting a few professional photos to remember their pet by and telling me they wished they had taken photos of their pet years before now. It really is better to photograph them when they are fit and healthy, so don’t leave it too late. Also, photographing your pet when they are a new comer to your home especially as a baby, there isn’t any more adorable photo than that of a snuggled up puppy or kitten! We can also put them inside various things when they are small, not so easy and cute looking when they are more grown up!

If you have a dog then basic commands such as sit, lay down and come will help but it is not essential. I am a very calm and relaxed person, the animal can feel this and I have never come away from a pet photo session not having captured what I intended to. If your pet is a fidget and uncontrollable then I will use this to my advantage. I love natural, energetic photos and I’m sure you’ll want the photos to reflect your pets real personality. Probably best not to photograph your pet in a studio setup if they can’t sit still for very long.

It really depends on how big your belly gets. It is best not to wait until you are too big and feel uncomfortable bit then photographing your bump too early will not make the most of your shape. Usually between 34 and 37 weeks is the best time.

I love shooting in all kinds of locations, studio, home outdoors it really depends on the look you are after. We will discuss the detail your preferences and I can help you with ideas if you prefer.

It depends on what kind of photos you would like. Personally I prefer natural soft solid colours and something either clingy to show your shape or floaty to show a more subtle shape. I like to be creative too and discussing ideas before the shoot is always a must.

Please don’t worry I will make you feel totally at ease. We will go at a pace that you feel is comfortable, I have been through two pregnancies myself, and I respect and understand how you may feel. I am very calm and a lot of fun to work with, you will feel at ease in no time. I can help with posing and covering up any parts of your body you don’t wish to show.

Not after the photos you have chosen have gone through the editing process. In the time before retouching with photoshop we would have to spend hours covering every blemish. It still takes hours but at least you don’t have to stand the hours of being plastered in makeup. Photoshop looks more natural than makeup covers as well.

Your photos will be treated with the uttermost respect and confidentiality. Nothing from your shoot will ever be published or appear on any website of my knowledge unless I have your authorisation.

I recommend you make a backup of your photos. You can never have too many copies but I also make back ups and keep everything I have ever photographed indefinitely. So you can rest assure your flies will be safe.