Man and Cherry’s wedding at Kemble Inn – Massachusetts – by wedding photographer Lisa Burrett – Part One

November 6th, 2012

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Cherry & Man got married at the beautiful venue in Massachusetts – Kemble Inn – It was such a heartwarming occassion and I felt so privileged to be their wedding photographer. Having been their photographer for their pre -wedding photos in New York I felt I had known them for years…

We all met up in a hotel in New York and travelled the next day by car to Lenox, stopping on the way at a Diner (very excited having never been to a real Diner before!)  We arrived a couple of hours later and were warmly welcomed by the staff at Kemble Inn… The decorations were soon on their way and put up excitedly by the groomsmen! We had a wonderful dinner in house prepared by the chef  at Kemble Inn, it was truly scrumptious!

I went to bed early whilst the party animals stayed up till late… I didn’t want to look rougher than the wedding party the next day!

It was a beautiful morning, I eagerly started to photograph the grooms trying to put their bow ties on… this seemed a harder task than they had expected. They kept asking me if I could help them, but photographing them trying to work it out was too precious and funny  a moment to miss…. After about half an hour I went upstairs to see how the girls were getting on.  Cherry’s sister, Angel, is a professional make up artist (A very useful kind of sister to have in my opinion!) They were ready in less than an hour! I thought I would go and check on the boys, not expecting to find them STILL trying to tie their bow ties! (An hour later!)

Finally they were ready and we had a bit of time left to photograph some silly shots outside Kemble Inn. The groomsmen were a lot of fun and proceeded to beat the groom up, throw him ten feet into the air (luckily just managing to catch him!) they didn’t really want to stop but I thought it would be unfair on the girls not to have any of the bridal party!

The bridal party shots were rather more elegant than the boys (phew!) and they all looked so beautiful and relaxed.

Cherry and Man had put a lot of thought into the fine details.  I loved the fact that a lot of things were hand made which made them more personal. I especially liked the diamante initials that Cherry had made for her bouquet, bouquet bling!

The baby’s Breath flower bridesmaid crowns where delicate and looked lovely on the brides maids, and the colours of the flowers on the aisle chairs for the ceremony was my favourite, dusty pink…. so vintage looking… The flowers were expertly done by Tangerine Creations

The ceremony proceeded and I was struggling with the light a bit! Grrrr!  I was worrying about how on earth I was going to match up all the different colour tones and differences in contrast afterwards. To begin with the weather was overcast but then it changed to bright and sunny. It continued in this manner, ranging from  cloudy to sunny, and somewhere between cloudy and sunny until the sun dropped rapidly behind the trees and we were all in a blue shadow. Finally the sun started to set and there was a warm orange sunset hue!  This was all during the course of one wedding ceremony.. phuff…. The easiest thing would have been to convert them all to Black and White!

I especially loved the lighting of the Unity candle, such a symbolic meaningful touch to a Christian wedding representing the joining together of two lives and two hearts….and their families. A very precious moment!

To see their pre wedding photos have a look here Cherry and Man’s Pre Wedding Photos

Part Two coming soon!

Thank you to Cherry, Man, Angel and all your lovely family and guests for making me feel so warm and part of your special day.  I really felt like I was a guest and not just your wedding photographer. x

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