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December 6th, 2012

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Jenna and Tim’s wedding was totally romantic and in such a lovely Tudor building, set in the one of the most romantic places in which I have photographed. Rustic, charming and unpretentious.

Priory Hall - Hadleigh in Suffolk - was a dream to photograph in.  The light was pouring in from the windows and the beautiful old timber beams really made for such a warm and cosy feel throughout the ceremony. No artificial light was needed. I just love natural light! It really makes the photos look soft and natural with the  result that the colours in the photos look so beautiful and real.

The wooden chairs for the ceremony were enchanting!

I love the fact that there was a mezzanine above the Ceremony Hall. It made the hall feel really full without being crowded…creating such a cozy and close feeling throughout the ceremony. I loved peering up at the people looking from the mezzanine and capturing their expressions.

The Hall had plenty of space for me to move around, which is a rarity in any kind of wedding service. I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of being able to explore different and interesting angles for my photos without feeling obtrusive and worrying I am going to knock over the flower arrangements!

The gardens at Priory Hall were enchanting and quaint. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side but I managed to capture a few pictures before the downpour. I also subtly borrowed Jenna and Tim in a moment of sunshine to take a few natural wedding portraits. I also used the moment of sunshine and bright blue sky to take a few photos around the venue and of the venue itself. You’d be amazed that there is always a break in a rainy day and the sun always comes out and the clouds shift to reveal the deepest and clearest of skies. Even if is for only two minutes. I am constantly on the look out for a break in the weather if I am photographing a wedding on a rainy or overcast day. I have never failed to capture some sunlight and blue sky. Patience is the key and a few prayers!

I was flattered when Wedding Ideas Magazine asked to feature Jenna and Tim’s wedding in their Real Wedding section after seeing their wedding on my website. To see more of Jenna and Tim’s wedding photos from my website please have a look here. Jenna & Tim’s gallery

The flowers complimented the venue and the surroundings were very beautiful. They were expertly designed by The English Rose Florist  I especially liked the purple roses (OK, Rachel is going to tell me off now for calling them purple!) well, they just looked lovely. A nice change from white and pink.

Thank you Jenna and Tim for agreeing to be interviewed by Wedding Ideas Magazine and for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I had a wonderful day and you made me feel like one of the guests.

Thank you to Wedding Ideas Magazine for once again featuring one of my weddings! I am flattered…

Lisa x


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