Jason & Claire’s Gorgeous Wedding Photography Highlights by Lisa Burrett

January 14th, 2014

  • Mother of bride and bride kissing cheek
  • Gorgeous little bridesmaid excited before the wedding kicks off
  • Daughter kissing mum in the park
  • Bridesmaids cuddling on the stairs at Northampton wedding
  • A note to the groom not to the enter the bride's dressing room!
  • Bridesmaids getting dressed before the ceremony
  • Bride putting on her dress
  • Beautiful wedding shows in brides hands
  • Phoenix Class Car
  • Cute order of service
  • Bridesmaid laughing outside of church
  • Little guest at a wedding
  • Beautiful back shots of little bridesmaids
  • Dad carrying baby at wedding
  • Bride arriving in a Phoenix class car
  • Bride walking into church with her Dad
  • 5615_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5620_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5621_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5624_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5627_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5636_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5647_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5655_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5659_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5663_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5670_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5673_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5680_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5684_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5690_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5719_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5728_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5730_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5743_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5776_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5784_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5787_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5790_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5802_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5808_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5813_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5848_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5863_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5887_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5888_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5904_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5956_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 5977_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6014_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6028_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6066_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • Wedding group photo at Saint Mathew's Church
  • Wedding group photo at Saint Mathew's Church
  • 6130_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6228_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6240_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6268_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6280_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6298_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6320_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6340_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6348_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6354_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6374_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6396_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6406_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6423-Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6435_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6470_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6489_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6502_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6504_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6578_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6589_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6592_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6614_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6619_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6620_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6623_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6630_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6631_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6656_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6744_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6784_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6803_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • 6805_Northampton Wedding Photographer
  • Bride smiling during wedding speeches
  • Beautiful bride during reception
  • Gorgeous girls laughing during wedding speeches
  • Groom deep in though during wedding reception
  • Trendy girls outside The Deco in Northampton during wedding reception
  • Black and white photo of dad and daughter eating from the chocolate fountain
  • Wedding reception at The Deco

Jason and Claire’s wedding was an absolutely magical day for me. I was so flattered and honoured when Jason asked me to be his wedding photographer. Having used Phoenix Class Cars since I can remember (and it’s been quite frequently since I only learnt to drive a few years since I arrived back in UK from living in HK) Even after I passed my test I was still booking cars from Phoenix to ferry me here there and everywhere! Anyway, I was just tickled to be Jason and Claire’s photographer…. and even more tickled when a Phoenix Car arrived to pick me up on their wedding day to escort me around…. thank you Jason! The champagne went down pretty well as well…. the driver dapper as usual!

Well it was a great start to the day, the wedding preparations went smoothly and Claire looked stunning in her dress. Claire and Jason’s little girl was an absolute dream to photograph, probably the most photogenic little girl I have ever photographed at a wedding. A little shy at first but she soon warmed up to my camera and the connection she made with my lens was fantastic. She really knew how to pose like a model, but never looking staged or cheesy…. She can be my model any day!

I arrived at Saint Matthew’s Church ahead of Claire so I could capture the cars arriving and take photos of the guests and Jason…. It felt quite surreal to be back in Saint Matthew’s church! Having gone to Saint Matthew’s school as a child (many moons ago!) we used to go every morning for assembly! I hadn’t been in since and so many found memories came flooding back. It was lovely. The church is so beautiful and has so much history and I love the art inside. Lovely to capture some of them in the photos.

Jason was very nervous and wouldn’t take off his trademark sunglasses! I had to pester him non-stop telling him there was no way he was wearing them during the ceremony or in the church! I wanted to see his expressions and loving eyes as he looked at Claire walking down the aisle and as they said their wedding vows. He finally agreed and I’m so glad he did. The expression of sheer love and bliss as he married his sweetheart were unmissable.

It was a moving ceremony. I was gulping back the tears behind my camera (I know, it doesn’t matter how many weddings I photograph I just can’t help myself during those touching moments. It’s utterly embarrassing and I hope no one saw me!!!)

The highlight of the ceremony, for me, was when my little princess model was off in her own little world spinning around in her bridesmaid dress whilst her mum and dad signed the official marriage certificate. It was so cute! It was really hard to choose just one for the blog (so I chose two!)

The group shots were fun too, although it was the hottest day of the year people were melting, I tried to be as quick as possible to do a big group shot with the church in the background and then moved everyone to the shade of a tree…

Due to the heat we didn’t long for group photographs. Everyone was excited to get to the fantastic Reception venue The Deco┬áin Northampton, especially me since I hadn’t been there since it was the ABC cinema minors and I went to Saturday Morning kids viewing at 5p each! Argh…. OK, really showing my age here….!

The venue didn’t disappoint.It is such a dramatic and unique venue for a wedding. The head table on the theatre’s stage made it possible for all of the guests to see and hear the speeches clearly, which were some of the most touching speeches I have ever heard. (Yup, more gulping back the tears!)

The food was amazing. Thank you Jason and Claire for treating me as one of your guests and inviting me to sit down at one of the tables, I really enjoyed the company of your friends and even had a dance later!

The band was great too…. (Jason you have to tell me who they are so I can link them in please) They are well worth a BIG mention!

Probably one of my most memorable weddings to have ever photographed. Just so many childhood memories and such a lovely couple, their charming little girl, great family and friends.

I’m still waiting for Jason and Claire to choose their photos for the leather bound album that I’m looking forward to making for them! I’m hoping this blog will inspire them to choose some (I know, there are just too many good ones to choose from!!) These are some of my favourites, but it was really hard to narrow it down to a sensible amount for a blog, not even sure if this is even a sensible size!

I’m going to miss taking their photos! I think Jason should buy Claire a Boudoir Photography Shoot for a late Christmas present…. Oh go on!!! Promise I won’t post them!



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