Fawsley Hall wedding photos – Lin & Steve’s Ceremony by Lisa B

August 25th, 2012


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So excited to be asked to photograph a wedding at Fawsley Hall for the third time this month!

It is such a stunning venue and Lin and Steve are such a gorgeous couple, the perfect elements for beautiful wedding pictures.

I love the light coloured oak panelling and wood that is used throughout Fawsley Hall. I think it photographs much nicer than the dark wood in other venues… the light bounces around much more and brightens up people’s faces, a bonus when not using much flash which is a must when photographing in the candid and natural style which I love.

The Ceremony Room is lovely, no artificial lighting was needed due to the big floor to ceiling window at the front of the room. Also my favourite kind of light, natural and soft. There was no need for much colour correcting afterwards which makes for an even more natural photo and less time stuck in front of my computer  fixing weird colour casts due to strange lighting (the worst part of my job!!!)

Lin’s family had come all the way from China, it was very touching to see Lin’s mum help her get ready, putting on her veil and buttoning up her dress with a little help from her brother, so sweet to see brother’s helping their sister’s get ready , even if it does mean hairy hands in the doing up the dress shot!

I must admit I did edit quite a few for this blog into black and white, although when I photograph a wedding there is an equal proportion of colour to black and white, but I just LOVE black and white for the ceremony photos, it brings the focus into what I am highlighting and there is less colour to distract from the focus.

Thank you to Lin and Steve for choosing me as their wedding photographer, it was a lovely day and I really enjoyed being part of it.  Also big thanks to Fawsley Hall for their hospitality and help throughout the day.  The food was yummy ! It is so nice to be catered for.

I look forward to the other weddings I have coming up soon at Fawlsey Hall in Daventry.


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