Is there anything I need to let you know about my wedding before hand?

August 29th, 2011

Yes, it is imperative that you email some basic pointers about your wedding day so that I can prepare accordingly.

1.  A rough time schedule of how the events of the day are expected to run.

2. A list of addresses of where Lisa B and second photographer (if booked) need to be with postcodes and telephone numbers and arrival times.  Please include starting point, ceremony place and venues.

3. A wish list of photographs. Especially if there is something I might not know about (i.e. A close up of Great Grandma’s porcelain shoes on the wedding cake!)

4. A list of the formal group shots if needed and also if you don’t have a master of ceremony it would be useful if you can delegate someone who is familiar with all the family and guests to help coordinate families for group shots.


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