Bosan & Dharmesh

BoSan and Dharmesh by Lisa B
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BoSan and Dharmesh at pre-wedding photo session
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BoSan and Dharmesh - engagement photography Northampton
BoSan and Dharmesh before wedding
pre-wedding photo of BoSan and Dharmesh
BoSan and Dharmesh pre-wedding photos
Happy couple photography - BoSan and Dharmesh
BoSan and Dharmesh Engagement Photography
BoSan and Dharmesh before wedding
BoSan and Dharmesh pre-wedding photography

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After BoSan and Dharmesh booked me as their wedding photographer at the charming historic Woburn Abbey, the couple thought it would be a great idea to have some pre wedding or engagement photos taken at the same venue.

Woburn Abbey were kind enough to let us use the Woburn Abbey Sculpture Gallery and its surrounding areas including The Terrace, Rose Gardens and the beautiful Camelia Lake in front of the Sculpture Gallery. Despite the bleak weather we made full use of every part of the elegant setting and the gorgeous gardens. It was the perfect opportunity to source all the best photo angles and locations to make impressive pre wedding photos and also to prepare for the actual wedding day ahead.

It was a relief when we decided to move into the Victorian Greenhouse where it was lovely and warm and the couple could both relax more. We finished off the photo session with photos taken inside the elegant Sculpture Gallery.

The sun even appeared, so we went straight out and took some more photos with a hint of rays. I love playing with a variety of different lighting and I enjoy the challenge of using natural light. The whole mood of a photo is changed by just a tiny ray of sunlight which can be quite magical.

It was wonderful to photograph the couple prior to a major life event and we got to know each other very well. I knew what the best angles were for them and we all felt very comfortable in each other’s presence. Ultimately I felt reassured they were going to feel relaxed having me around on their wedding day. It was also a good chance for BoSan to experiment with different hairstyles and make-up before her wedding day so we knew what would suit her best from a photographic point of view.

It was a tough choice to pick one special photo to display at the entrance of the Sculpture Gallery on their wedding day. The final chosen photo was of them standing opposite each other in the archway and which also happened to be my favourite.

I left the venue feeling very enthusiastic about their forthcoming wedding which promised to be a cultural treat. Western, Chinese and Indian customs and ceremonies were to be rolled into one day with a variety of wedding outfits to marvel at. It was a real feast for the eye, and a reminder why Indian wedding photography is so delightful to work with.

A big “Thank You” to the Wedding Planning team at Woburn Abbey for assisting us on the day. They were incredibly cooperative and enthusiastic though were careful to leave us to our own devices during shoots.