Engagement or pre-wedding photos are fast becoming very popular in the UK. Beautiful “before shots” are an important way of getting to know what it feels like to be photographed as a couple and relieve any wedding photography jitters that many of you may have. The fact that this type of photography is becoming so fashionable has given me the chance to work closely with some lovely couples as their engagement or pre-wedding photographer.

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The last thing you want to be worried about on your wedding day is how you are going to manage with a camera in front of you all day. In reality, most couples don’t even realise I am there even when I am quietly taking photos with the help of an extra-long lens. To take group shots however, I spring into a bit more of a persuasive mode to ensure the photos are done as quickly as possible, leaving you more time with your guests.

Already immensely popular in the Far East, pre wedding shots are usually of couples dressed in their actual wedding attire and which result in superb wedding day looking portraits. Since Chinese wedding couples are often so busy on their wedding day with many ceremonies and group shots of every single guest that enters the banquet hall (often into the hundreds) it is hardly surprising they are unable to schedule even a few minutes to have the wedding couples photos taken.

This is why it can be fun for the pre-weds to spend a day or two in a relaxed frame of mind and have the photos taken beforehand. The photo session may even be tied in with a holiday somewhere exotic and seen as a pre-wedding honeymoon! The final edited photos can be displayed on the actual wedding day for the guests to see as they enter the banquet room in either a custom made album, a slide show or displayed on a large canvas. (Just so guests can see they have come to the right venue)! I once photographed at a wedding where two guests came in a little late and sat down at the wrong ceremony.

Photographing the wedding couple before their big day is time for the photographer and the couple to get to know each other. It helps me discover the best angles from which to photograph them  and to take note if there are any photographic shots they don’t like. It’s also a chance to experiment with hair and makeup so there are no hicc-ups on the actual wedding day. There is nothing more disappointing than having spent the entire wedding morning having your hair done only to find that you don’t like the way it looks in photographs afterwards. I know from experience that my hair was the biggest (and only) disaster on my wedding day!

Many couples choose engagement photos to display on their wedding invitation cards and I feel this is a perfect excuse for an engagement photo session. They are often used as a Thank you card too.

There are countless reasons for wanting an engagement or pre wedding photo shoot and I love the opportunity as a pre wedding photographer, of being able to spend time with the couple. It is always an honour to be asked to take the shots and I aim to make my couple feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible whilst being photographed.