Cherry & Man’s wedding at Kemble Inn by wedding photographer Lisa Burrett – part two

November 10th, 2012

  • photo of beautiful wedding cake by Lisa Burrett
  • Top piece of icing sugar flowers on cake by Lisa Burrett
  • Handmade table numbers
  • photo of handmade table numbers
  • Beautiful Baby's Breath centre pieces for wedding at Kemble Inn
  • photo of first dance by Lisa Burrett Photography
  • Photo of groom laughing during first dance
  • Bride and Groom happily having the first dance
  • couples on the dance floor at wedding by photographer Lisa Burrett
  • photo by Lisa Burrett of bride and groom listening to speech
  • Black and whit photo of groom and his friend toasting
  • Photo of Chinese friends toasting at their wedding
  • Black and whit photo of best man's speech
  • Black and white Photo with Just Married sign on backs of chairs
  • Photos of the speeches
  • Speeches at Chinese wedding by Lisa Burrett
  • Groom's expression during best man's speech
  • Bride and Groom inspecting delicate icing work on their wedding cake
  • Bride and Groom cutting the cake photographed by Lisa Burrett
  • Photograph by Lisa Burrett of bride and groom cutting the cake
  • Bride about to toss her bouquet
  • Happy Chinese couple at wedding reception
  • Dancing inside marque at Kemble Inn by Lisa Burrett
  • Guests dancing at wedding reception
  • Pole dancing at wedding reception


The second half of the day was a joy to photograph as well. A few cocktails were enjoyed and then the bridal party marched in to the beautiful marquee that was set up by Kemble Inn on the lawn. Cherry and Man did their first dance as soon as they marched in. I think they were dreading it a bit so wanted to get it out of the way first. They needn’t have worried though, as they looked really cute treading on each others toes and tripping each other up!

I took some photos of the most amazing wedding cake I have ever seen before it got too dark as I prefer to photograph it in natural light. It keeps the soft appearance  with no harsh shadows.The colours and detail on the sugar flowers were so delicate  and the smell of the vanilla icing sugar filled the marquee, it made me drool! (don’t worry I didn’t drool over the cake when I was photographing it!)

The dinner was delicious, Cherry and Man made me feel like a guest of honor, too much so as I was seated next to them! Well that was a first!

The speeches soon followed and then some very silly dancing, ending up with the groom and his friends pole dancing!!! That was a first too!!!

It was such a lovely day, a complete privilege to be their wedding photographer. I hope the photos I took for them are as special to them as the day was for me. I shall look at their photos with the most fondest of memories.

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Professional wedding make up by Cherry’s sister, Angel -

Flowers by

Wedding venue – Kemble Inn

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