Cherry + Man’s pre wedding photoshoot in New York – Back of Taxi shot

August 8th, 2012

OK, everyone keeps asking me about the taxi shot I took for pre wedding (engagement photos) for Cherry and Man in New York and how I took it and why!

Quite simply it was one of the only requests that Cherry and Man had asked me for when we were talking through the shooting arrangements so I was really eager to get it right and get a fab shot. (no pressure…!)

photo of Bride and Groom in back of taxi

The perfect back of the taxi couple shot!


I choose an area where there were lots of neon lights (Times Square) and an area where the taxi could stop for a few minutes (yes, it only took a few minutes- I wasn’t hanging around outside in the rain for any longer…!)

The taxi driver was very sweet and patient as we got him to drive around everywhere to find the right spot. I then jumped out of the taxi with my assistant Emma. ¬†Whilst she held the light and shined it into the window onto Cherry and Man’s face I quickly shot a round of photos, changing the angles looking for the best one where the background looked the most dramatic as well as getting what I wanted of the taxi in the frame. Cherry and Man were just amazing at this point as I had worked them hard throughout the day and they were really getting the hang of the “posing” so I didn’t have to direct them at all, and their favourite shots were the kissing ones anyway ;)

I love the rain on the window, it just wouldn’t have looked the same without it.

If you want to see more from this shoot please check the blog I wrote about it.

Let me know what you think or if you have any technical questions about it!

Lisa x

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