Bespoke Wedding Albums – Queensberry Wedding Album Covers

September 21st, 2015

Bespoke Wedding albums are the best way to show off and treasure your beautiful wedding photos.

Queensberry Albums are by far superior to any others I have ever come across. From the design process, album finish and even the packaging, they are top quality and I wouldn’t have my photos displayed another way. Nothing else would do them justice.

There are so many Wedding Album Covers to choose from in their collections.

All of my album packages now come with a beautiful hand crafted Queensberry Album. The layout is a joint effort between myself, the designers at Queensberry and of course my client. It will not be ordered until everyone is happy with how it looks.

I love to see my photos in an album, telling the story of the day. Once the wedding is over many of my couples tell me they relive the wedding all over again when they see the photos and the story in a beautiful album, I love to see people’s eyes well-up when they look through it for the first time…. only then do I truly know I’ve done a great job.

I’ve captured the cover materials to display on my blog, I would be interested to know what everyone’s preference is.

My favourite album cover material from this range is definitely the Silk Stone or the Micro Leather Eggshell for a more Classic Wedding Looking Album.

  • Bengaline Antique White
  • Bengaline Black
  • Bengaline Sage
  • Bengaline Silver
  • Buckram Baby Blue
  • Buckram Carbon
  • Buckram Copper
  • Buckram Gold
  • Buckram Gunmetal
  • Buckram Indigo
  • Buckram Mint
  • Buckram Pearl
  • Buckram Pistachio
  • Buckram Poppy
  • Buckram Pretty Pink
  • Buckram Silver
  • Buckram Starry Night
  • Distressed Black
  • Distressed Clay
  • Distressed Midnight Blue
  • Distressed Saddle
  • Distressed Tan
  • Metallic Bronze
  • Metallic Champagne
  • Metallic Pewter
  • Metallic Sahara
  • Metallic Steel
  • Micro Leather Cocoa
  • Micro Leather Eggshell
  • Micro Leather Gingerbread
  • Micro Leather Ink
  • Micro Leather Onyx
  • Micro Leather Powder Blue
  • Micro Leather Shadow
  • Micro Leather Syrah
  • Micro Leather Vanilla Bean
  • Micro Suede Grape
  • Micro Suede Lime
  • Micro Suede Turquoise
  • Micro Suede Violet
  • Pearlised Key Lime Pie
  • Pearlised Lavender cream
  • Pearlised Mint Julep
  • Pearlised Rose Crush
  • Pearlised Turquoise Frosting
  • Silk Black Pearl
  • Silk Raspberry
  • Silk Rose-Gold
  • Silk Stone
  • Silk Twilight
  • Vinly White

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