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February 13th, 2012

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We all now how important pictures of baby’s are for mum’s and the rest of the family and indeed for the baby once she or he grows up.

Lisa’s experience as one of the leading Worldwide photographer for Pampers has given her expertise knowledge and training in baby photography, she has all it needs to work with baby’s and toddlers of all stages and temperaments. You never know, your baby may even be chosen to become one of the next Pampers baby models! You can see some of Lisa’s Pamper’s worldwide commercial work on her advertising page of her website.

Lisa has been photographing babies and toddlers for over fifteen years now mostly in the Far East, but has now bought her considerable talents back to her home in England, so that her own children can study in the UK, where she is fast becoming one of the most sought after baby photographers.

Lisa has previously taken baby portraiture in London, Northampton and other places around the UK , not forgetting Hong Kong and the Far East.

Lisa’s baby photos have even caught the eye of UK Vogue magazine recently and Lisa was asked to feature one of them in the May issue of Vogue 2012.

Having your own exquisite custom made album with highly professional photos of your baby to share with your family and to keep is a treasure no parent should be without. Don’t leave it until it’s too late. Baby’s don’t stay little for long and Lisa’s images are affordable but in fact priceless!

To check Lisa availability and prices please use the contact page to send her a message.

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