Abby & Steve’s Wedding Photos at St Hellidon

April 10th, 2011

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  • Abby-exiting-Mill-Cottage-in-Milton-by-Lisa-B
  • Abby-and-her-mum-before-church-wedding-Lisa-B
  • Abby and Steve Wedding Photography 01

Northampton Wedding Photographer Lisa Burrett took the photos of Abby & Steve who recently got married at St Martin’s Church in Daventry followed by reception at Hellidon Lakes , one of my first ever local bookings having relocated to Northamptonshire after 20 years in Hong Kong.

Although we were all a bit disappointed with the weather it did not spoil the photographs in any way. In fact I think it added something special to the photographs. It’s not every wedding you get to feature a bright yellow umbrella! And since they had chosen yellow as their colour theme it all tied in really nicely. Their cake was amazing…. featuring their two pet bunnies on the top of a fairy tale castle. Very cute! There were lots of children there which always makes for great photos and they just couldn’t keep their eyes off of the cake! More of those to come later… they deserve a post all by themselves!


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